Friday, June 05, 2015

The Power

When I'm not driving, doing trucking stuff, taking pictures, or napping, I sometimes get lost in YouTube makeup videos.  My favorites are Kandee Johnson and Pixiwoo, but I've recently come across Nikkie Tutorials and really like her.  She's a 20-something out of the Netherlands and she does some really beautiful looks.

This is one of the best side-by-side on the same screen transformations I have ever seen.  It really goes to show what makeup can do.  And it's interesting what she has to say about makeup shaming, where some people think its a bad thing to wear makeup.  I've been a makeup fiend since I was a little girl and I love seeing what can be done with anything from a little mascara and lip gloss to a full-on glam look, which she does here.

It's no wonder celebrities always look so good.  If a regular girl like Nikkie can learn how to do makeup and transform herself into this, you can only imagine what kind of glam squads the celebrities have at their disposal.  

I need to fish out my false eyelashes (I carry four pair in the truck with me).  They make a world of difference.

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