Monday, November 30, 2015

My Counter Floweth Over

We've spent the last five days in a hotel.  We delivered a load the day before Thanksgiving and with the slow freight and the holiday, we knew we wouldn't be working so we decided to rent a car and get a room.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral - which was just eh, with no leftovers, which is the worst part about Thanksgiving on the road - then on Black Friday avoided the stores like the plague, because, well, that's just crazy, but the next day we did hit Best Buy to look at a new laptop and iPad for me.  I saw the iPad Pro, which is huge, I actually think it's too big, then we went to Big Lots to get Christmas decorations for the truck, did some laundry, had dinner out, then headed back to the hotel.

Yesterday morning we checked out, went for lunch, returned the rental car, then hit the grocery store to restock the truck for the week. You can see part of our bounty above. I have lot of pantry space in the truck, but the fridge and freezer space is more limited than I'd like. I always have to get real creative when I shove stuff in there. I don't even let Ed touch anything because it's my own personal Jenga, one wrong move and everything will come tumbling out.

We will be looking for a load this week, although freight has been pretty slow so I'm not sure what the outcome will be.  We also need to get a 10,000 hour service on our generator so hopefully we'll find a place along the way to do that, too.

Tomorrow is the first of December, can you believe it?? That means it's a little over three weeks until Christmas. Man, where has the year gone?

Well, it's a good thing we stocked up on food because I'm going to need the nourishment to start Christmas shopping!

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Career Coaching Center of Baltimore said...

Thanksgiving on the road adventure gave me a mix of nostalgia and envy. I remember when I used to travel extensively, and finding creative ways to fit everything in the limited space was always a challenge. Your description of the fridge as your own personal Jenga game made me chuckle. With Christmas just around the corner, I can imagine the excitement and anticipation building up as you prepare for the holiday season. Wishing you fruitful loads and a successful generator service on your upcoming journey!