Thursday, January 21, 2016

Two Old Ladies And A Truck

Vejigantes Taino - Puerto Rico collage by Galina Victoria (2013)
My mother recently went to see the new apartment of one of her lady friends.  While there, she dispensed with decorating ideas.  My mother has what one might call an artist's eye, which can mean two things - she sees shades of colors that the untrained eye doesn't and has a keen sense of what looks good together, or everything in the place is so colorful it looks like a Puerto Rican decorated.

The day after her visit, she was so achy she couldn't move.  She did too much. And she and her friend fell while moving a rug.  She's 73 years old and doesn't need to be moving furniture.

Which brings me to the conversation we had a few months ago about her desire to purchase a gun so she could defend herself.

From what I don't know.  Maybe javelinas?

When she recently brought it up again - because she heard some news story that involved self-defense - I had to, pardon the pun, shoot her down.

"See?  That's why I need a gun." she said, "In case that happens to me."

"Mom, please.  First, it's unlikely anything like that is going to happen to you.  And second, you can't even move an area rug without falling over.  What makes you think you can wield a gun??"

So if you see a chubby little Italian lady in a super-bright, colorful muumuu coming at you...

Run - because she might be packing - or distract her by asking for help to move your furniture.

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Belledog said...

Does she want the gun to save Maezy from the javelinas? Have to make sure she does not shoot her pet or herself.

Why is it your mom wants the gun? What is she hearing that has made her fearful?

The Daily Rant said...

BELLEDOG: There is no telling why she thinks she needs a gun. It's ridiculous. And she will NEVER get one. EVER.