Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cat Nemesis

We had javelinas outside the door again.  We heard them banging on the window, where the bird-feeders are.  They were eating the old bread we put out and sucking up the wild bird seed.

There were three of them - the same ones that always come around - Papa, Mama, Baby.  Not that I recognize them, but they're always together and they range in size from small, medium, large.

I cracked the door to take pictures and was wondering why they kept moving closer to me.  They never do that, they're usually afraid.  The smallest one kept yawning, showing teeth that looked ready to shred.

I was getting a little nervous with them getting closer because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold the camera steady and hold the door if they charged me and tried to get at me.  Or get in.

I still didn't know why they were creeping closer.  Until something moved at my feet.

It was the cat!  She was inching out the door, curious.  Holy crap!  She had no idea the imminent danger.

Peccaries - known in these parts as javelinas - are omnivores.

And they eat small animals.

I didn't see Maezy baring any of her teeth during this face-off.

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Kevin Moriarity said...

Too many things in Arizona that can hurt you: snakes, scorpions, those javelina things. We used to go to Tucson often, thought we might buy a place there. Not so much now! :-)

The Daily Rant said...

KEVIN: I completely agree with you! We've come across WAY too many critters for my comfort. Hence, the reason I stay inside...in the air conditioning!