Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ed Knows How To Break The Fast

I like simple, usually cold breakfasts - cottage cheese and fruit or yogurt and fruit.  That's it.  Occasionally I'll do oatmeal but I really don't like to get up in the morning and cook, and I really don't like eating a big meal in the morning.

The only exception is when someone else is cooking - and usually that means a place where I can get French toast or a Belgian waffle since those are two things I never make.

Ed, on the other hand, likes a big, hearty breakfast. And he'll eat almost anything you put in front of him - pancakes, quiche, waffles, frittata, biscuits and gravy, steak and eggs, breakfast burrito, anything.  He even ate pickled fish for breakfast when he was in Norway.

So while I'm scooping out yogurt and cutting up strawberries, he's whipping up cheesy omelettes with salsa and avocado, crispy bacon (he always makes two pieces for me), and a side of Dave's Killer Bread, toasted.

I crank out some pretty delicious meals from midday on, but Ed is your man if you want to start your day with something substantial and delicious.

And you can place your order by just pointing at the photo above.

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Belledog said...

I'll take the Ed breakfast, please. With a fresh cuppa joe.

FWIW, Dave's Killer Bread is sold at Costco in the DC area. I'd assumed it would be in Whole Foods ...

The Daily Rant said...

We can't find Dave's everywhere here - Sprouts and Whole Foods has it, and I've never checked at Costco since we rarely go there. Good to know, though.