Sunday, January 03, 2016

Where The Flamingos Survived A Blizzard

As you might imagine, I've been itching to see snow for months.  My dream finally came true in the form of a sizable pile of snow with a flamingo perched atop.

We are visiting Ed's parents in New Mexico, where they recently got a shitload of snow. So much snow that his parents got stranded two hours from their home on their way back from Dallas, and we had to delay our travel here for over a week as we waited for roads to be cleared and mountains to become passable.

The blizzard so devastating, the Governor declared a state of emergency, and the dairy industry lost more than 30,000 cows, half of them in an area that contains the top ten milk-producing counties and which produces 40 percent of the state's milk.

The wind created snow drifts as high as 14 feet, with the wind pushing the animals into fenced corners where they suffocate in the snow. The loss is so devastating to dairy farmers, that Texas Association of Dairymen's Executive Director said it will affect milk production for about a year.

Sadly, the cows didn't fare as well as the plastic pink flamingo.

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