Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Resting Up Down South

We're sitting around in North Carolina, recuperating from whatever ungodly germ has gotten hold of us.  We've both been feeling under the weather and the only way I can seem to get any sleep is when the coughing stops.  Which doesn't happen often.  I think I got three hours last night, and it wasn't even all at once.  I'm pretty miserable.

I have no intention of leaving the truck until I feel better.  We're fully stocked with food and water so we can eat, shower, and sleep undisturbed.  I was planning to do laundry after we delivered our load yesterday, but since I have enough clothes to last me several weeks and I'm not planning to go anywhere, why bother?

I can't talk on the phone because I have no voice.  And if I do attempt to talk, the vibration in my throat sends me into a coughing fit - not pleasant for the person on the other end.  So I've been texting.

And I'd also like to tell you, home remedies are bullshit.  I've done tea, tea with honey, plain spoonfuls of honey, tea with mint, saltwater gargle, Vicks on the chest, Vicks under the nose, Vicks with hot compress, Halls cherry cough drops and Halls honey cough drops (they're both just candy), Robitussin, DayQuil, fluids, etc.  NONE of it works.

Today is already a little better than a few days ago, so maybe I just need a little time.  Ed's voice isn't as bad as mine - he's fielding phone calls - but we're still going to hang around for a few days and get some rest.

I should have this licked by the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry to hear about your cough/throat. Home remedies are pretty funny...like this one my mom swears by but always seems to work. Ready? It's kind of weird/gross.

Get a sock Ed had worn all day (hard work preferred tube sock(?)) -long enough to tie around your throat and wear it all night through to the next morning. This has always taken away any sore throat or horrible cough we have. My sisters and I always joked it was the stench and dirt that killed everything - we usually had to wear my dad's sock who worked in a coal mine. I'll check back to see if you dare try. :)

Get well soon...your NA friend.

dlg said...

Ye gods! That is gross! You didn't mention the MUCINEX PRODUCTS. There are several that attack different maladies connected to the cold/sinus situations. You might want to check out the fine print on those packages. Ed's Dad and I have been using those; they are slow but seem to be helping. And "bless your hearts".
Wishing you both the best.

Belledog said...

Oh noes! Hope you and Ed are feeling much spiffier as you read this.

Happy Bunny Day. Do have some medicinal chocolate. The ears work wonders.

The Daily Rant said...

NA: I did not do the sock trick. I got better, but maybe with the sock I would have healed quicker. LOL