Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Enjoy The Ride

Today is my oldest nephew's 18th birthday. 

EIGHTEEN!  Oh my God, I'm so old.

I remember the day this amazing little human, my godson, was born. I saw him shortly after he came into this world and have loved watching him grow through the years.

He was such a kind, loving, smart little boy and he's exactly the same way as an adult. He's polite, respectful, social, handsome, even smarter than ever.  He's even chosen a wonderful girlfriend - she comes from a great family, has impeccable manners, is smart and kind and beautiful, and complements him wonderfully.

This year he'll graduate from high school (with honors).  He's applied to several colleges and has his sights set on becoming a doctor.  How exciting is that?  He's got that hyper-intelligence thing going on - even though he's similar in many ways to a regular 'ol teenager, you can tell his interests are more advanced than his years.  He always seems to know obscure facts, or zones out in that Einstein-Columbo sort of way before uttering something genius.  He must get that from me.  LOL

I look forward to watching him achieve all the goals he sets and I hope to be able to share any experiences I've had with him to help him along the way.  I'm already planting the travel seed.

I recently found this online and plan to share it with him.  I wish I wrote it.  It's great advice.

Enjoy the ride, my sweet nephew.  It's going to be magnificent!

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