Friday, December 02, 2016

Paw Prints On Our Heart

So, a little bad news and a little good.

First, the bad.

On Monday, my mother's cat Maezy escaped from the porch.  She's an indoor cat and doesn't really venture out.  We always joked that she was afraid of dirt.  Probably more so after my mother tried to "walk" her with a leash but ultimately wound up dragging her through the dirt because the cat didn't want to walk.  On a leash.  Uh, hello.  Who does that? was a harrowing few days not knowing where she was.  And it was freezing.  One of those times in Tucson where it gets below thirty degrees at night.  All week it's been cold.

Well, late Thursday afternoon we found her.  Frozen.  Less than 80 feet from the house.  It was sad, and weird.  She was so close to the house.  My mother left the doors open and the porch light on.  We just couldn't understand why she didn't make it home.  
She was untouched - I checked her whole body - no bites, no blood, no scrapes, no cactus needles, nothing.  She was in a sleeping position, on the ground, just frozen.  Heartbreaking.

My mother was so very upset.  And Ed and I were sad, also.  Maezy was one of the best cats we've ever had.  Ed's been around for 13 years now, so he's seen a few of them and deemed Maze the best. And I've had cats my entire life, so I know a good one when I see it, too.

I am relieved that we know what happened.  Wondering if she was out there, lost, in another person's house, eaten by an animal, all of that was worse.  Now we know where she is and have closure.

Now the good news.

My mother found another cat that we went to pick up today.  It was a total fluke. Unexpected. And my mother says, an answer to her prayer.

You'll meet her tomorrow.

“Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because
in the case of the pet, you were not pretending to love it.”
~ Amy Sedaris, Comedian

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Belledog said...

So sorry to hear this, Salena and Ed. Maezy was darling. Sad to hear she came to a premature end. I'm glad you found out what happened, but condolences on the loss of a great pet.