Friday, December 30, 2016

One More Day

Blue is the only one getting any sleep these days.  Oh, how I long for the life of a kitten.

We've been off since December 22nd, and I haven't had ONE day to myself.  NOT one.  I am behind on my blog, haven't gotten my nails done, haven't finished Christmas shopping yet (I have a few who will be late), and haven't had a nap since November.

I still have my Year End Meme to complete - which I know I won't get done before the end of the year - and by that time, I'll have three more posts to catch up on.  Argghhh.

My mother is almost moved in to her new place, so once that's done a lot of the running around will be eliminated, but we still have so much to do for our house.

I've been complaining for days. Months, really.  Not so much here on the blog, but to almost everyone around. I'm pretty sure luck is on my side since I've made it this far without waking up with duct tape on my mouth.  I have one more day.

I sure hope 2017 is better than this year has been.  But then again, there's that whole new president thing.

Oh my God.  We are so screwed.

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