Monday, December 05, 2016

Uh, The Patio Was Nice

Photo of Pizzeria Bianco by Ed
Last night Ed and I had dinner with our friend Gary at the famous Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix.

It got rave reviews from The New York Times and the chef won a James Beard Best Regional Chef award in 2003.  It's been called "the best pizza in America".

In October, The New York Times did another article about this legendary pizza maker.

We started with the Spiedini - Fontina on a stick, wrapped in Organic Prosciutto, battered and fried. Served over a bed of lightly dressed baby arugula.

Then, we each ordered our own individual pizzas.

Gary had the Sonny Boy:  Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, Salami, Olives.

Ed had the Wiseguy:  Wood-Roasted Onion, House Smoked Mozzarella, Fennel Sausage.

I had the Rosa:  Red Onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, Rosemary, Arizona Pistachios.

For dessert, Ed and Gary had the Tres Leches Cake, something Gary had been craving all day, and I had the Rice Pudding.

The desserts were good.  My rice pudding was amazing.  Creamy, nice sized rice grain.  I loved it.

But the rest?  I was not impressed.  And if it matters, neither was Gary or Ed.

To me, the Spiedini was just ham and cheese on a stick.  It was just okay.  Salty from the cheese and prosciutto, but really nothing special.

And the pizzas were not at all legendary.  I've made better "artisan" pizza in my own kitchen.  And one of the best New York style pizzas I've had here in Tucson - the kind where the crust is so crisp, it sticks straight out from outer edge to the pointy tip - comes from Brooklyn Pizza Company, down on 4th Avenue.

It definitely wasn't the best pizza in America.  Probably not even the best pizza in Phoenix.  It was disappointing because after I read the articles, I was pumped to try it out.  I was actually concerned there'd be a wait the way it was being talked about.

And although I thought pistachios on a pizza was interesting, and not bad taste-wise, we all agreed that not only would we never go back, but that we'd also never recommend the place to anyone.

So, don't waste your time.

And don't believe everything you read.

Unless I've written it, of course.

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Mick and Ali said...

Very interesting stuff that, I would always follow your lead in restaurant reviews and it must have been so disappointing to find that a place so renowned was so ordinary. We do rely a lot on Trip Advisor, and have never really been let down by it. You do have to sort the wheat from the chaff in the reviews, but once you learn how to do that, it's easy. I'm thinking of starting my own food blog here as we have a lot of restaurants in our own little town-if I can ever find the time!

Mick and Ali