Saturday, December 05, 2015

Ten Transcendent Tannenbaums

Yesterday's Christmas post led me to looking at Christmas trees - interesting, beautiful, unique trees - surrounded by phenomenal rooms.

I think this lavender-themed room is my favorite, I don't think I've ever seen purple incorporated into Christmas this way.  You can see more of it HERE, it's truly amazing.

Enjoy the rest of these tree-adorned rooms. Starting with this simple one.
And moving on to black, white, silver, and gold.  This place is gorgeous. Stunning. Elegant. Wow.
This home in Toronto, Canada is breathtaking.   
These soothing rooms, punched up with color that extends to the tiny tree.
Not really a tree, but I love this decorating idea. Modern meets woodsy.
This one is kinda country and kid-friendly:
Just when you think you can't take another gorgeous room, in comes the snow-flocked tree. I absolutely LOVE white-on-white and this place takes the giant white cake!
Rustic and unadorned.
And last but not least, a tree that's a little Charlie Brown-ish.

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