Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Joy Delivery

Christmas has come to our home on the road!  This year, I've made a few additions to the exterior decor - a Santa hat and stocking adorns the stack heat shields.
 And a little red bow sits atop each mirror...
Inside, window clings are always fun.  A snowman on the passenger side...
And Santa on the driver's side.  Red garland and shiny green ornaments across the windshield, a a shimmery red North Star dangling from the center.
Another new addition to the exterior - garland on the grab bars near the back door of the sleeper.
 Inside, there's shimmery silver garland, Santa, reindeer, and a teeny red tree..
 Santa with his sleigh and reindeer fly above the entrance to the cab...
 My tissue box wrapped like a present...
Santa hangin' out by the thermostat (he always keeps the room below 55 degrees - I love him for that).
 A Christmas tree on the back door...
 Wrapped "presents" on the bookshelf above the bed...
 A few more window clings keeping Ed's polar bear ornament company...
And again, another shot of the grill ornaments...
It's definitely cheery in here and we get tons of looks rolling down the road.  People wave, honk their horns, smile, and comment.

It's as if we're delivering a little holiday joy.  I'm cool with that.

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