Friday, December 04, 2015

Getting In The Holiday Mood

I'm decorating the truck this weekend, like I have in years past, and it's getting me in a holiday mood.  In 2012 I had a poinsettia theme, in 2013 I had a reindeer welcome mat and a foil Christmas tree on the dinette backdrop.  This year I've accumulated a few stockings, some lights, garland, and stuff for the truck exterior.  I haven't decided on a "theme" yet, but I bought colored lights, so I think I have to go old school rather than all-white-light-chic.

And I've been browsing websites.  Here are a few things I've found:

22 little Christmas crafts.

Christmas organizing like only Martha Stewart can do.

Glittering Christmas projects, again courtesy of Miss Martha.

Edible gifts for your favorite people - this kind of gift is a labor of love.

35 Real Simple, easy, and elegant recipes for Christmas Dinner.

Or Hanukkah - I am really considering the Coriander Dusted Roast Beef.

Here are some table setting ideas to make your food look its best.

And you'll need a stunning centerpiece for the middle of it all.

Desserts you can make ahead.

And more desserts.

And what the hell, let's even throw in a 
Bûche de Noël.  I haven't made one of these in over 25 years, so I think this Christmas I'm going to attempt this to top of our meal.

Or, if you're not going to be home for the holidays, here are some vacation ideas, foreign (mostly) and domestic.

And if you like snow like I do, here are some winter festivals to attend, and snowy vacation deals that guarantee the white stuff.

Happy Holiday Clicking!

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