Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Palm Print

I took this picture in the lobby of the Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix, Arizona.  Notice the detail of the block behind the chairs.  This is from the resort's website:

"The Arizona Biltmore is a living architectural masterpiece, showcasing the seminal influence of America’s most heralded architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. As the consulting architect, Wright collaborated with a former student, Albert Chase McArthur. Wright’s dramatic style and imprimatur are imbedded throughout the resort’s design. The Biltmore was erected entirely of “Biltmore Block,” a variation on a textile block first used by Wright to construct private homes. The pre-cast blocks were made from desert sand on-site and created in 34 different geometric patterns inspired by the trunk of a palm tree."


Ron Walker said...

Love that place!

Anonymous said...

You should have captioned this Butt Print! :-p