Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Elixirs

This week I've experienced the phlegm of a ninety-year-old, the hacking cough of a veteran smoker, the nose-blowing of a snotty toddler, and the alternating chills and night sweats of a person stricken with some bizarre unknown disease.  Oh, and so. much. fatigue.  

I'm on day seven.

I haven't slept a wink all week because the coughing keeps me up most of the night.  I've been using DayQuil although I can't be sure it's working because when one annoying thing lets up another takes over.  When we got home I bought NyQuil so I knew I'd at least get some sleep.

We're not allowed to have NyQuil in the truck because it has alcohol in it, as if someone is going to drink the entire 12 ounce bottle in an attempt to go on a bender for the weekend.  It's barely palatable in the adult dose of two tablespoons, I can't imagine anyone thinking someone would actually drink this shit to get drunk.  But it does seem to help a bit more with the coughing and it definitely makes me tired.

I don't know how long this is going to last, but I know during this next phase I'm going to smell like a menthol cough drop because I'm covering myself in Vicks VapoRub.

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Jack McCallum said...

Sorry you've been hacking away. My immune system is on the precipice of falling into a cold, but it hasn't gotten there yet. I've started stocking up on tissues, cold medicine, and orange juice - for the inevitable.

Gil said...

Sorry to hear that you are so sick. But, now I know I got what I have from reading your blog & FB!!!! I couldn't believe how my nose was running. Also, had dark brown or green phlegm and more trouble breathing. Taking an antibiotic (Z-pack) and some kind of Prednisone and chertussin cough syrup. After four days nose is clearer and breathing is nearly normal (for me) and chest pains are bearable.

The Daily Rant said...

JACK: The hacking is the worst. It's so disruptive to everyone around me. My own MOTHER is getting annoyed with my coughing! And I feel like I keep Ed up at night even though he could sleep through a war.

GIL: Ugh, I hate it. I started with yellow, then greenish, then greenish-brown phlegm. So gross. And my chest was VERY congested, I had trouble breathing. I have asthma too, and my inhalers feel like they're not even working. Not to mention it's hard to even breathe them in because it makes me cough! My nose is clear now, my chest isn't as heavy, but the coughing is still lingering. If it goes on much longer, maybe I'll have to break down and go to Urgent Care. I've been holding off. Hope you feel better!

Heather T said...

You may think I'm joking but I'm not - make sure you have the smelly Vick's Rub. Put a heavy dose on your feet (all over and up the ankles a bit) then if you can stand it, two pairs of socks. Works on the coughing. Especially at night. I'm serious. Look it up. Hope this helps. Feel better soon. At least your home and not in the truck. Sing sick in the truck was always enough to have me crying for my mom. 😰😰.

jim said...

hope you havent been near typhoid mary again.........feel better and best to eddy

The Daily Rant said...

HEATHER: My mother has used Vicks Rub on us all of our lives but I've only heard of this "on the feet" thing in the last few days. I read about it online, my friend told me, and just today my mother's friend said to do just what you said - slather it on the feet and pull socks over top. I think I will try that tonight!

JIM: No Typhoid Mary this year, but it feels like the same crap!! That's so funny that you remember that. Well, really, how can we all forget? LOL And I saw the pictures you sent - thanks! Looked like a fun bunch of people! We must visit soon. xo

sueshell said...

Get to a doctor! Antibiotics!

Belledog said...

Don't get sick often, but I LOVED long hot, hot steamy showers to clear all the crummy stuff out of the respiratory system. And the aches and pains too.

Hope you are on the mend, and maybe on antibiotics as you read this.

Interesting about the Vicks on feet. Hmmm.

Gil said...

Hope that you have gotten better as I see you are heading back to work. I'm better. The antibiotic knocked out what was bugging me. Well, I hope as the greenish phlegm seems gone.