Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Full Weeks Of Shopping Left

Christmas is two weeks away.  And I know there are people out there just like me who a) still has shopping to do or b) haven't even started yet.  What??  What kind of person waits until two weeks before Christmas to start shopping??  Yeah, umm, I don't know anyone like that

But in case you are one of those people, I've put together a list of things I think might fit perfectly under someone's tree.  Or wherever or however you do your holiday.

I am obsessed with Leather Duffels.  I don't have one, don't know exactly why I need one, but I really want one.  I know it's masculine and all, but I just know one day it will be worn and beautiful and that's when I'll appreciate that I got it way back when I didn't have anywhere to go.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven. If you can't lift a 50 pound bag of concrete, forget it, this isn't the pot for you.  But if you love indestructible kitchenware, bring it on.  Your kitchen needs this.  MY kitchen needs this.  And I want a bright color - yellow, orange or Caribbean blue.

What about the gift that keeps on giving?  A monthly gift club type of thing.  They have everything from beer, to cheese, to jelly, to coffee, to popcorn, to cheesecake!

Decorative pillows.  They always go unnoticed.  You crunch 'em up and shove them behind your neck, stack them to watch TV, use them everyday and don't even notice.  Why not have some beautiful ones?  Or ones with fun quotes?  Or beads sewn on them?  Ever body needs a pillow.

Foodie stuff.  Cookbooks. A trip to Sur La Table.  A few items from Williams-Sonoma.  Or maybe even a gift card to the hottest restaurant in town.

Girly stuff for your gal.  Makeup and handbags and shoes and a nice pair of leather gloves and maybe even some jewelry.

Manly man stuff for your guy.  Work boots, a great flannel shirt (I love a man in flannel), a good watch, fishing or hunting or camping gear, gadgets, a brand new camera.

And last, but not least, i
f you don't want to buy a physical gift, buy an experience.  This is one of my favorite categories.

Send your parents on a walking tour of Chicago.

Buy your nephews a day on a race track.

Treat your favorite couple to a hot air balloon ride.

Send your grandparents to a play.

Buy tickets to your brother's favorite band.

Hopefully it'll be something they'll never forget.  And if they don't like it, you won't have to stand in line to return it, they can just re-gift it to someone else.  Either way, someone will be happy.

Now get shopping!

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