Monday, December 01, 2014

Drink And A Movie?

This weekend Ed and I went to the movies to see The Theory of Everything. We really enjoyed the film and Eddie Redmayne did a spectacular job portraying Stephen Hawking.

While waiting in the lobby before the movie, I saw a girl walk by with a drink that looked like a frozen margarita. When I turned around to see where she came from, I noticed that the snack bar had a bar bar.

WTF??  A bar in a movie theater? I know this is trending over the last few years - movie theaters with upscale food and drink - but this was the first time I'd been in a facility that had a bar.  

This takes dinner-and-a-movie to a whole new level.

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Anonymous said...

Texas (DFW Area) has been having these for awhile now. Studio Movie Grill and Movie Tavern are great! If you follow them on twitter, they often have awesome deals. They even have retro night, girls' night out, kids night, etc. I plan on taking my husband to see The Princess Bride on 12/17.

Your NA Friend

The Daily Rant said...

NA FRIEND: You know, maybe I just haven't noticed them because I don't drink. It doesn't occur to me to look for beer or wine or whatever, no matter where I am, but I suppose what made me take notice was the girl walking by me with the drink.