Sunday, December 21, 2014

Climbing Snoqualmie With Ease

We crossed Snoqualmie Pass twice this week and thankfully didn't encounter snow either time.  Normally I love the snow on this pass because they usually get a lot of it and it's so beautiful.  And with the storm coming in from the Pacific Ocean, I was sure they were going to be hammered.  But they weren't, which was great for us because we were on a tight schedule and didn't want any delays.

There was quite a bit of snow on the highest peaks, and the roadways were wet the first night we came through, but no snow and no ice to speak of.  Earlier in the evening there was apparently some slush and sadly, a driver lost his life when his truck rolled over.  Such a horrible thing to happen at any time, and something we all hope doesn't happen to us, but even worse having it happens four days before Christmas.  My thoughts go out to his family.

As for us, we're almost done for the year.  This cross country run from Rhode Island to Washington tipped our income scale very favorably and was a great year-end boost.  Well worth us taking a load so close to Christmas.  We deliver tomorrow.

Then we'll deadhead from Seattle to Tucson.  Almost 1,600 miles, more than 30 hours, and almost $800 in fuel.  The best Christmas present at this point would be one more load to cover the cost of fuel.

I know that'll make Ed happy, so I'm putting it on my wish list.

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