Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moving Reward

We last had pizza over a month ago, at the famous Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix.  I wasn't impressed.

I love pizza.  Crave it.  But we haven't been having it as often, and definitely not since the first of January because we're trying to "eat better".  Whatever.  There is no eating better than pizza.  That said, I've lost five pounds this month.  Measly, but better than nothing.

Today we had Mama's Pizza (they make a good pie!) to celebrate.    After living six months in a beautiful apartment complex while my mother's townhouse was being renovated - she was living in our house - we finally moved out of our apartment and back into the house.

I am too old for this shit.  I hate packing.  I hate unpacking.  I hate carrying boxes.  I hate carrying furniture.  And I hate the cleaning that's required to move out of one place and into another.

My friend Kim helped us.  She's one of the hardest workers I've ever known.  Doesn't stop for a minute.  My step-father Frank would have cloned her and staffed his entire restaurant with Kim-bots. She's amazing.  I wouldn't have been able to do either of these moves (into/out of the apartment) without her.  She's a good friend.  If someone asked me to help them move, I wouldn't be able to say no fast enough.  Pick you up at the airport at 3 am?  Sure.  Drive you to Phoenix?  No problem.  Make dinner for your out-of-town guests?  I'm on it.  Just don't ask me to help you move.

So now wading through the disaster at the house is next on our list of things to tackle.  Thankfully, the place is freshly painted and all the floors have been steam cleaned.  Next weekend we start making this place look less like my mother's house (we bought it from her) and more like our place. I have a feeling it's going to take a lot of doing, at least until the entire place is completely renovated, but I hope to be able to make certain tweaks to make it feel a little more personal.

Ed is going to have one helluva Honey Do list.

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