Saturday, January 28, 2017

Red Lamp District

If you know my mother well, you'd be aware of her paint addiction.

No, she's not huffing spray-paint for its euphoric fumes, she just likes to paint things.  

Not walls.  Not paintings (although she does do some of that). Things.  

Lampshades, furniture, chairs, flower pots, TV stands, cable boxes, remote controls.

Oh, yes.  Imagine how I felt when I turned her cable box and remote back into Comcast. The guy looked at me with eyes that said, "Seriously?".  
The cable box itself was the same color as the walls in her house (I guess to blend), and the remote control was painted with at least six different nail polish colors to highlight the important function buttons - the volume button was fuschia, the channel up/down button was a weird green (who knew she had green nail polish??), the guide button was surrounded with purple, the on/off was encircled in red, and the mute button stood out because of the silver glitter.

She also spray-painted the porch door (cobalt blue) but neglected to tape anything off so the overspray was everywhere.  Who's to say?  That's her favorite phrase, meaning "Who's to say it doesn't look good/isn't right/isn't fashionable/doesn't work/whatever?"  It's a way of saying, "I do what I please!"

That said, I think I definitely have her genes because today I spray painted this floor lamp. 

I'm not sure what color it was originally, but my mother painted it a weird flat beige that guessed it...the walls of her house.  I inherited it when I bought her house and I hated the color.  So as I was cleaning up and organizing, I found a can of red spray paint and on a whim, I took the lamp into the driveway and went to town.

I have to admit, wielding that spray can did give me quite a thrill.  I actually looked around for other things to paint.  That's how my mother must have felt when she painted the porch door blue.  I exercised restraint, though, and since red isn't really in my color plan, I stopped with the lamp.

When my mother saw it, she wanted it back.

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1 comment:

Marlaina said...

I love it. It's very avant garde to have a pop of complimentary color in a room, wherever. Red is a great accent to turquoise or teal. We had a living room that was mostly dark colors, claret, and espresso leather, etc., and one six by six canvas of saffron. Looked fabulous.