Saturday, March 04, 2017

Rockin' It

I shoveled rocks.

Like a prisoner in a chain gang.

In the sun, in 80-degree weather.

OK, so it wasn't just me doing the shoveling.  Me, Ed, and my friend Kim - who I can't believe is still my friend after all the stuff she's gotten roped into - shoveled a ton of decorative rocks into paver-lined beds on the side of our house.

It's another attempt to spruce up the woefully neglected "landscaping" around our house. I plan to add a few plants and some color in the coming weeks.  

It's amazing what $50 and a little sweat equity can do.
I've never been a fan of physical labor and really, that hasn't changed.  I like it even less now that I'm getting older.  My plan wasn't to be shoveling rocks at almost 50 years old. Although my ideal scenario is to hire someone to do this stuff, I'm not a millionaire yet so I suppose there's going to be a few things that we'll have to take on ourselves.

I do feel good seeing how nice it looks and even though it's not perfect, it's a start.

And I'll take that.

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