Monday, March 04, 2013

They Never Ask If You Have Invisible Ink

Some of the places we go to require us not only to check in with security, but to give up all of our electronics - phones, computers, iPads, cameras, etc.

I hate having to do this.  I not only hate being without my computer, but I really hate being without my phone. 

The spiel is usually the same.  "Any cell phones?"  Yes.  "Any computers?"  Yes.  "Any Kindles, tablets, etc.?"  Yes.  And then one guy said,  "Any information-transmitting devices?"

What??  You mean like my brain?  Or a pen and piece of paper?

Oh, I understand their concern, because I'm sure there are dumbasses out there that probably post photos on Facebook, exposing information that's not supposed to be public.  Kinda like the photos of the new
Jeep that got out, only on a much bigger scale.

But I'm still always amused that these places don't want you to take pictures, because almost all of the things we've hauled in or out of these facilities - the ones that don't allow photos - can be found online, generally via Google Earth, and in great detail.  That freight Ed spends hours tarping to keep it from prying eyes?  It can be found online with the click of a mouse and the zoom feature.

If one were truly nefarious wouldn't they just write down the stuff they see on a piece of paper?  And include sketches?  I suppose the people making the rules have forgotten that back in the day spies took down entire countries without a cell phone, camera, or iPad to their names. 

All I want to do is text my best friend and watch the latest episode of Modern Family

I'll leave the espionage to the pros.

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Ed said...

THAT explains the guy in the cloak with the etch-a-sketch! Thanks Baby!