Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hospital Survives Another Week

I spent most of today in the truck.  In fact, the most activity I got was taking the picture of this guy, who was working on his truck which was parked in the spot next to us.

We got our truck and trailer inspected this week (we have to do it every 120 days) and needed a few things on the trailer replaced, so Ed put the truck in the shop for them to take care of it.  While it was in the shop, we went to the grocery store to stock up for the weekend.

I came home, put everything away, swept the floor and vacuumed, waxed all the cabinets, made chocolate cupcakes, cut up some vegetables to use the next day, and then did all the dishes, setting them on the counter to dry.  Productive, but not exhausting.  Honestly, I didn't do much else.

Ed had the truck washed, the tanks polished, and replaced the air lines.  We have a load out in a few days heading to California and back.  I'm glad it's a round trip because we really don't want to get stuck in California, there's just no freight out there.  There's really no freight here in Texas either, but at least the weather's been nice.  Not too hot, a nice breeze during the day and cool evenings.

Tonight is what Ed usually refers to as "the day he hopes the hospital blows up" - Grey's Anatomy is on - he thinks if the hospital blows up, the show will be over.  Little does he know they'd just work in into the story line.  So on the menu tonight, after dinner, is Grey's, Scandal, and Project Runway.  I'm surprised Ed doesn't attemp to take his life every Thursday night.

I guess I'm just going to have to start baking and making great dinners every Thursday.  It's the only sure way to get his mind off the TV lineup.

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june in florida said...

I find if you feed them real well nap time is next.Your timing is everything Salena.

Unknown said...

What type of oven and stove do you have in the truck? Are they electric? Propane? I'm choosing utility items for my tiny house... and dare I inquire... what type of toilet? : )


The Daily Rant said...

BA: We have Sharp Carousel Microwave Convection oven and a two burner counter top unit. Everything in the truck is electric, we can't carry propane for that use, like an RVer can.

I love the micro/oven. It works great, I can cook anything from a pork loin, to chicken, to pizza, to cakes and cookies, etc. I don't really follow recipes, so cooking times and temps mean nothing to me - I always wing it and it works just fine for me. We even cooked a steak in it once, because the instruction manual that came with it said you can, but I'll never do that again because cleanup was impossible.

I also use an electric skillet mostly because I have a bigger cooking area than I do on the two burner stove. I actually prefer the electric skillet. I bought two sizes, but like the smaller one better because I have more room for it. I've left the bigger one at home.

As for our toilet, it's a 7-gallon "cassette" toilet made by Thetford. Soooooo....that means, once you've accumlated 7 gallons of "waste", you have to dump it. Might not work for what you're doing, but it's perfect for us.

Do you have one of those Tiny Texas Houses??!! We just passed the models on I-10 on our way to Houston. They're so freakin' adorable.

I think I've become the queen of doing things small as a result of "living" in this truck 300 days a year. Email me at if you'd like - I'd love to hear more about your tiny house venture.