Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Bright Spot On The Mountain

Whew!  Only half way through the week and we've already passed this barn in Finzel, Maryland twice.  Back and forth along the same route, two great paying loads taking us through the snowy mountains of Western Maryland and West Virginia. 

After we deliver this load, we have to get our generator fixed.  Again.  Our fuel pump, the one we just had worked on in Florida not two weeks ago, has taken a crap.  This is the third one we've put in.  Apparently, there's been a manufacturing glitch on a whole bunch of fuel pumps and we were lucky enough to get four of them - the one the new generator came with, and the three replacements.  Hopefully this fourth one will last longer than a month.

We've been staying on the eastern side of the country, which I've been loving.  Not much to write about, but I've gotten to see some snow and the weather hasn't been too frigid. 

Looking forward to getting out more this weekend - don't know where we'll be yet, but I'll be sure to post something about what we've been up to!

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Evil Pixie said...

Wow! The color just pops in this photo. I LOVE it!

Gil said...

Pictures are beautiful as usual! I wonder if you might be better off with an after market fuel pump? That is, if one is even available. Good luck.

Gil said...

How do I keep getting signed out of here?

The Daily Rant said...

EVIL PIXIE: I know - love color against the white white snow!

GIL: Thanks! The fuel pump is under warranty, so we just had it done at ARI.