Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nashville Is One Of Their Greatest Picks

We have passed the Marathon Motor Works building many times - you can see it from I-40 - and I've always wanted to visit.  It was just one of those cool old brick buildings that looked like it would be interesting to see closer up.  This past weekend I had my chance.
It sat vacant for years, after being bought in 1986 by a developer with a vision.  Now it's a unique space for offices, studios, galleries, a jewelry store, even a coffee company.  It's also home to the American Picker's newest store, Antique Archaeology.  As a fan of the show, we had to go. 
The store was fantastic.  Everything was essentially out of my price range, but they did sell things like mouse pads, mugs, stickers and t-shirts for those of us who don't have several hundred (or thousands) of dollars to drop on a dirty old piece of awesome furniture found in someone's barn in North Carolina.  But I loved so many pieces I saw.  And I loved the space they were in.  I want to live in a place like this! 
This little girl on the left was standing with one of Elvis' microphones, pretending to sing.  She had wavy black hair with a large yellow flower pinned above her right ear.  Her face, the hair and her pose made me think she looked like a young Billie Holliday.
The store had so much to look at, but there were so many people it was really hard to concentrate on each and every piece.  I think visiting just after the doors open, on a weekday would be the best time.  I am definitely going back. 
You never know when Mike or Frank or Danielle might walk in.  Or someone even more famous!

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Gil said...

Did they even have one car restored or unrestored?

The Daily Rant said...

GIL: They didn't have any cars in the store, but they did have a few motorcycles.

Gil said...

Salena: I looked them up before I opened saw your comment. They didn't make too many cars as they only made them from 1911-14. I think the article said there are only a handful left.

all things bradbury said...

brad & i both love american pickers!...we have a little list of places we see in our travels to send to mike about picking them.....i'd love to go to the store!