Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Wegmans Cheese Tour

Wegmans grocery store on a weekend is crazy.  So crazy, I almost can't shop there - I've decided I really don't like crowded places, with people bumping into me and blocking the aisles - but this is a place I'd shelve all my annoyances to shop in. 

Finding a Wegmans is like striking gold, and when we find one, I beg Ed to move Heaven and Earth to figure out how to park a truck in their lot.  This one was challenging because the parking lot was so busy, but as usual, Ed came through.

Which was a good thing, because they were hawking cheese samples like drug dealers.  And if there's any drug in the world I'd do on a regular, over-indulgent basis, it would be cheese.

Among the many samples I had, I tried this amazing concoction - the Saga Blue Torte - Saga Blue cheese, layered with Mascarpone, Caramel, Pecans, Dried Apples and Craisins.  It was amazing.  Sweet, as you might imagine, but it's only to be tasted in small bites.
We had lunch at their Market Cafe, shopped for some necessary fruits and vegetables, bought a small tub of Fromage Blanc, and left happy. 

This store is my second favorite place to be, and was the perfect way to  end the weekend.

Tomorrow, we go back to work.

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1 comment:

Marlaina said...

I LOVE Wegman's. It's funny to think, but since, we, meaning you and me, source food nationwide, and in Canada, it is a ringing endorsement.

The quality is superior, and the product mix excellent. I am always jazzed when we get a load that takes us by Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I really like that store in particular.

We're back on the road soon -- Louisville or bust for the truck show! You two?