Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yet We're The Ones With All The Rules

It really pisses me off when I see an idiot like this hauling crap down the interstate.  I dialed 9-1 before Ed said, "Don't bother."  I was thisclose to turning this redneck into the State Police, which would have been easy to do if I could have read the filthy piece of crap license plate attached under the buckling bumper that was held on by a 1" ratchet strap.

We, as truckers, are mandated by federal law to follow all kinds of ridiculous rules about the safety of what we're hauling, if we've had the regulated amount of hours of sleep they think we need before hauling it, and if we're sure we secured it well enough that while we're hauling it, it doesn't come flying off the trailer into innocent motorists going about their daily commute.

Yet idiots like this can travel the SAME EXACT STRETCH OF HIGHWAY, putting the life of everyone around them in danger.  Where are all of the federal and state agencies when it comes to this?

Truck drivers, statistically, are NOT the ones at fault when there is a car-truck collision.  Data collected shows that 80 percent of car-truck crashes are caused by the car drivers.  And those are just regular car drivers doing generally stupid stuff in their cars and/or driving in an unsafe manner.  They need a special category for the reckless morons who haul two freezers and a ladder UNSECURED in the back of their piece-of-shit pickup truck.

Ed, and the four other truckers who were traveling next to and around this guy, got away from him as soon as they were able to safely navigate around.  Why?

Because they know an unsafe situation when they see one and did everything possible to remove themselves from it before getting caught up in it.  Like any sane trucker would do.

Next time you read a story about a truck driver who "caused" an accident, or see an accident involving a big rig, you might want to pause and think about what may have really taken place.

And remember...

8 times out of 10, WE are not the ones at fault.

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Belledog said...

Where's an overpass when you need one?

Gil said...

If it were CT, you'd find police at Drunkin Donuts!

MAE said...

Isn't there some way to take a picture and report this driver's license plate?