Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clowns Looking For A Place To Live

This week we were in Nashville doing a little property hunting. Since that's nearly impossible to do in an 18-wheeler, we rented a car. This is what they gave us - the Fiat 500:
We drove a car this small a few years ago when we were waiting on a load up in New York, but we didn't have to rent that one, it belonged to my cousin.

I was kind of excited that we got the Fiat because ever since I'd seen the commercials for it (as if J.Lo actually drives this thing!), I've wanted to drive one.  It was totally cute, I loved the color, it drove like a little racecar and actually worked out very well, since most of the places we looked were on winding back country roads. It felt like being in Italy all over again, when Ed was cruising through the Tuscan hills in our minivan, with nary a shoulder on either side and people flying up behind you in a big rush to go nowhere.  It hugged the curves and if needed, and the turning radius is so tight, you're able to turn around in a parking space.

We knocked about twenty properties off our list and found one that I'm completely in love with and would buy tomorrow. Ed's not completely sold on it so we have more looking to do which we will happen in the coming months.

I think next time though, we might go for not only a bigger vehicle, but one that has a little more ground clearance, as there were a few properties we couldn't even venture to because the grass country lane or dirt road leading to it was a little too challenging for such a tiny vehicle to clear.

Oh, and also because we felt like two circus clowns getting out of it every time we stopped somewhere. I found myself looking back as I closed the door, to see if there were any others climbing out behind me.

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