Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Up And Over The Green Mountains Of Vermont

We were this close to going snow tubing today! In beautiful, snowy Vermont.

I've gotta tell you, maple syrup only sweetens this already sweet little state. It's such a pretty place to be, any time of year really, but in winter? The best. OK, maybe you can't tell by this road through town, but I took the picture because I liked the way the tree branches were holding the fresh snow piled lightly on top of them.

We were on our way to pick up a load when the agent called and told us it wouldn't be ready until the evening, possibly (likely, I figured) the next morning. The freight was coming out of Canada and because our wheelbase is too big, we couldn't go get it, so we had to wait. 
Ed figured we'd just spend the day cruising down hills on an innertube.  Which, at forty-five years old is a little scary to me, but I always did love snow and I figured we could start with the small hills, right?  We were in Vermont and they just got fresh snow.  It would be wrong not to use it.  So what if I wind up with a broken leg, right?   
Then we checked online and made a bunch of phonecalls, but we weren't able to find anything that would work.  Either they were too far away, open weekends only, required you to be a guest at their resort, or just didn't answer their phone. 
One guy Ed talked to must have thought we were idiots. After being told their snow tubing area wasn't open, Ed said, "We're not from around here, do you know where else we might be able to go snow tubing?" The guy said, "Uhhh, anywhere?" The sarcasm was thick. Thanks, buddy.

Ultimately, were trying to get to the truck show in Louisville but didn't think we were going to make it when our last load cancelled and sent us to Massachusetts instead of our original destination, hence the detour to Vermont. Then we got this load out of Champlain, NY heading down to Texas. Perfect.  That would get us through Louisville for the show, and Nashville so we could do a second round of property hunting and visiting.

Then the delay pushing it off another day.
Ed checked the load board, found something even better, which would give us more time, and picked up on the day we wanted.  So he called the original agent, explained our situation and thankfully, they let us out from under the load.  That's rare.  We were thrilled.

So we had to scratch the snow tubing plans and head over to western New York to pick up our new load.  We'll have to hit the Big Moose Deli next time we're in the neighborhood.

MATS, here we come!

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Scott said...

Great pictures. Also, I don't think I've ever read a post where you've been happy about taking a load to Texas!

The Daily Rant said...

SCOTT: Thanks about the pictures - it's the best I could do hanging out the window while Ed was driving! LOL And yes, can you believe I'm actually happy to go to Texas? Well, it's not REALLY happiness for the Texas part, it's more being happy about the Nashville part. See? I can compromise. LOL