Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Howz About Them Howitzers?

A while back, we hauled a load of Howitzers - you can see them here on our trailer - surprisingly, they didn't want them tarped which I thought was unusual since most of the time they never want people to see these things.  Why, I'm not really sure.

I can't tell you where we picked them up or where we dropped them off, but I figure since thousands of people saw them along the way - some even took pictures - that it'd be a pretty safe bet that you'd all be a harmless audience.
Although the load was untarped and in full view of anyone walking by, it did have to be babysat by us 24/7.  That meant, any time we stopped, someone had to be either in the cab, or within twenty-five feet of the load.  At all times.  Around the clock.  Every second of the day.  The freight had to be in view

I'm not really sure what Howitzers do, nor do I really care, but Ed seemed to know every little thing about them and couldn't wait to share each tidbit with me.  Now I know more than I'll ever need to know about a gun that's been around since the 1600s, should I ever have any reason to dispense with that knowledge, like maybe for a game show or something. 
They weren't as big as I suppose I expected them to be, seeing how they've been used in World Wars and all, but I'm sure the guy behind us may have felt a little unsettled staring down the barrel of it for hundreds of miles.
They seem to be a pretty big deal because everywhere we went people were gawking and taking pictures.  Even cars passing us on the interstate had people hanging out the windows taking pictures.  Seeing them on the internet is one thing, seeing them in person I guess, is another.

From what I understand, these things never die out, they just keep refurbishing them and fixing them up.  Painting them sand color or standard camoflauge depending on where they're going.
What you might find interesting, is that the military also holds things together with duct tape.
Comforting thought, isn't it? 

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Gil said...

Duct tape was developed by/for the military to seal ammunition cases during WWII or something like that. One of my friends gave me a roll of NA$CAR gaffer tape. Basically, it is duct tape with super strong glue.

Unknown said...

That's awesome!

all things bradbury said...

very cool!...i love those kind of loads....

Dave Sanderson said...

Things that make noise and nobody you know has one have to be transported on an open deck trailer. Always has always will!

Jesse said...

I love your blog :) Pictures + beautiful words = perfection! Still looking at those alligator pics lol

The Daily Rant said...

BAN: I liked 'em too!

ATB: Me too. We sometimes get really interesting stuff!

DAVE: Yeah, but no tarp? Weird.

JESSE: Thank you so much! Keep coming back, please!

Scott said...

Did they let you shoot them???

The Daily Rant said...

SCOTT: That would be too cool, wouldn't it??