Friday, July 21, 2017

Halo Of Color

This is the area I can see directly outside my living room window.  In the morning when I'm having coffee, I sit and watch the birds descend on the feeders, devouring seed for hours.

Last year I replanted these little cactus plants.  I was going to throw them away because they were tiny nubs, a nuisance underfoot.  But this area was empty so I just dug a few shallow holes and stuffed them in.

Well, a few days ago, they flowered.  Look how pretty they are!

These cactus are part of the genus Mamillaria, one of the largest of the cactus family. This particular plant has flowers that bloom around the top of the cactus, like a crown.  Some people call this a Halo Cactus because of the ring of color the flowers create.
We've had a lot of rain since it's monsoon season, and I've noticed a lot of the plants on my property becoming a little lusher.  I know cactus don't need very much water, but it certainly seems to have helped these little guys.
Look at that vibrant magenta color!  The delicate pink flowers are so incongruous with the dangerous spines that cover the rest of the plant.  

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