Friday, July 14, 2017

Shift Change

Ed and I drive an 8/8/3/3 schedule.  This allows us to skip the Hours of Service mandatory 30-minute rest break and neither of us has to do more than 8 hours of driving at one time.

Let's say Ed starts driving first - he'll do 8 hours, and I'll sleep eight hours.  Then he stops and I do my eight hours while he sleeps.  When I'm done, he drives three hours, I sleep three hours, then I drive three hours and he sleeps three hours.  Then we begin again with the eight-hour stint again.  

This schedule works perfectly on our dedicated route and if we want to take a break we can but we're not obliged to do so.  
It's not for everyone.  Some people like having very scheduled sleep and drive times but we are used to this and it works for us.  
Finding what works and working it.  Isn't that the ultimate goal?

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