Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Float And Set

Today, we spent part of the afternoon at the Lake Hood Floatplane Base. It's the world's busiest floatplane base lake - as many as 800 planes per day splash down and lift off from this location.

After that, we had lunch and then spent a few hours having coffee at the Barnes and Noble, reading and fooling around on the computer. We went for a drive before dinner to the top of a mountain overlooking Potter's Marsh to watch the sun set. It was a beautiful site and since tonight is our last night in Alaska, a perfect way to end our trip.

Tomorrow, we head out to Seattle. We will once again be going through the Yukon Territory, British Columbia and Alberta. I will have limited internet access, but will post something when I come across an internet connection. See you back in the Lower 48!!


Jeff Funk said...

Wow. What gorgeous photos! I feel like I'm taking your trip vicariously. Hope you enjoy Seattle. Have you been there before? You should try to stop by the Elliot Bay Book Company--simply the coolest bookstore in the world!

Jeff Funk said...

by the way, I'm Jeff Funk--If The Fates Allow

Amanda said...

oh, how lovely! the plane thing is super-interesting!!