Sunday, September 18, 2005

We Live In The Signpost Forest

Ed was at a convenience store in Watson Lake, Yukon where he saw that someone had written on the bathroom wall, "I live in the Signpost Forest". We laughed at that, since people don't actually "live" in this forest. It is places and their names that live on.

I wrote in a previous post about this place and now, we have added our name not only to the landscape in the Yukon, but also to the Signpost Forest. You can see our little sign nestled between the words CITY and LIMIT on the large Riverview sign.
Here is an up close look at our sign, which has now joined the more than 60,000 signs in the forest. I think a journey of over 6,000 miles deserves to be commemorated by a homemade sign in a forest with no trees.We look forward to getting up there again someday and stopping by the forest to see how it's grown. Make sure you do the same if ever in that neck of the woods!

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