Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Think I'm Dating A Narcoleptic

The other night, Eddie and I were lying in bed talking about re-doing the truck. We're interested in a "Trick My Truck" sort of re-do, except without the popcorn machine and strobe lights. We want to add another 102" to the sleeper, making it more like a rolling RV rather than a regular tractor. We'd add a bathroom and shower, kitchen (w. fridge, microvave, sink and cooktop), a queen size bed and tons of extra storage. We have been talking about this for a while now and just recently got in touch with a guy up in the Seattle area who does custom work just like this.

As we were talking, Ed expressed his concern about the weight of the new sleeper. Too much weight can possibly hinder the opportunity to haul certain loads. We discussed getting a lighter trailer, possibly an aluminum one to eliminate some of the gross weight of the truck. I wasn't sure exactly how much our current trailer weighed, so I asked.

"So, what's the weight on the trailer we have now?" I inquired.

"Well, this trailer weighs..."



I'm waiting for his answer now; a little longer than I usually give him to answer because I figured he was doing weight calculations in his head. Ed often doesn't answer right away (which drives me bananas) because he's formulating his answer before he provides it. How annoying, huh?


Still no answer.

Then all of a sudden I hear heavy breathing, and I don't mean the good kind. I thought maybe he had fallen asleep, or more likely, was playing a joke on me and not answering so I'd shut up and join him in the land of slumber. I shoved him and said, "You cannot be asleep!" No answer. "Are you asleep???"


He fell asleep; in the middle of his sentence.

Out. Like a light. Snoring and everything.

No need to worry about shutting me up now, since he thinks he's found the perfect solution; just fall asleep in the middle of a conversation. Little does he know that I didn't actually stop talking. He just couldn't hear me anymore.

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