Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Do You Get When The Daily Rant Meets The Plum Trucker? A Plum Crush!

Guess what WE did yesterday? It's so exciting, I can barely contain myself...we met the Plum Trucker and her handsome sidekick!!

That's right...we had lunch with Michelle and Kendall. FINALLY.

We happened to be at our main terminal in Jacksonville, FL when Michelle called to tell us they were on their way up I-95 and asked if we were still in the area? Hell yeah, we were. So after a little bit of giddy girly screeching (me, not her), we agreed to meet at the truck stop right off the exit, which was just a mile from where we sat. Yay! I spiffed up the truck a bit, decided on my cute new hoodie, and threw on some makeup. We arrived shortly after them and easily found their truck. We quickly exchanged hellos and hugs and decided to ditch the truckstop food and go to a real restaurant for lunch.

First of all, let me just tell you...she's the cutest thing EVER. Tiny, blond and peppy! Her voice is like that of a cheerleader, minus the annoying part. Kendall is handsome with his ice-blue eyes and little beard scruff. We headed over to 
Donovan’s Irish Pub for lunch, where we ate, talked, laughed, and hung out for a couple of hours.

After a while, I was getting nervous we might be holding them up because they had a load to pick up and we were essentially doing nothing for the day; my only plan was laundry and I was happy to scrap that to hang out with PT! So we wrapped up lunch in the restaurant and went back to the truck stop to hang out in our truck and talk a little more. Ed showed Kendall a few things on the computer and talked about trucking stuff and mind-numbing guy things while Michelle and I sat at the table and chatted.

Eventually, we made our way over to their rig to check out Kendall's handiwork at decorating. Not only do they have a brand NEW Kenworth, but they've certainly learned quickly how to make use of the space. They even have a Keurig, which I tried to get Ed to smuggle out, but Michelle's eagle eye was on him the whole time!

By the time they left, they had spent about seven hours with us. It went way too quickly and we were definitely sad to see them go. We vowed to try and hook up again in our travels. Ed and I talked about them for the rest of the night (all good things!) and agreed to make an effort to keep better track of them so we can plan another lunch or dinner together. I think I have a little crush on them. Teeny. OK, I may have sniffed Michelle's hair.

If we don't find them on the road, we know where they live and understand they have truck parking. In addition, I've heard from numerous sources that Kendall's parents are great cooks and his Dad has infinite knowledge about boats and all things marine. I can't think of anything Ed would like better than being fed and being able to "talk boat" at the same time.

Crystal River, here we come!

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Roberta Warshaw said...

This is most excellent news!

all things bradbury said...

this is so awesome!! i can't decide who i'm more jealous of, you, for hookin up with them, or them for meetin up with you & eddie!! think i'll just spend about 15 minutes hatin all 4 of ya & then i'll be over it! lol.....seriously glad ya'll got together!

Fandango Travelers said...

I am crazy with ENVY!!! Positively green.
I have yet to hook up with any virtual friends. And I really really want to.
Glad y'all had the chance and grabbed it.

Terry said...

I am so glad that they got to finally meet up with their "Trucking Parents". I have no trouble at all picturing the bonding that went on between the 4 of you, not the least of which between Kendall and Eddie. They are both extremely enjoyable nut-jobs. Love the pictures, I was glad she was able to get her hair done while they were home this time, it was quite a feat to get her into our regular spot.

Lipstick Trucker said...

That's great, Hope you had a great time, as I'm sure you did :)

load board said...

wow thats nice, i enjoyed reading

Ms. Crawford said...

Totally bummed we had to leave! I miss you already lol. We had such a great time! Maybe next time we can meet up at the Man Lube to get our nails done, if we are allowed in that is!

Anonymous said...

Yes, his parents are GREAT cooks. Of course I have to say that because his ma is my favorite sister in Fl...I'm so glad y'all got to meet.