Monday, April 23, 2012

Sixteen Hundred Miles Makes All The Difference

This is Arizona...flat expanses of dirt, short brown shrubs, tall brown shrubs (which some people think are trees), miles and miles of nothing. It makes me very unhappy.
This is Tennessee...rolling hills, green trees, blue sky. Streams, buds in spring, a medley of color in the fall, very little but some snow in the winter. It makes me very happy.
For me, there's no contest between the two. The minute I leave the desert behind and join the lush green world of the eastern part of the country, I'm in twelve kinds of heaven. Although the northeast has my heart, Tennessee is a close second. My best friend is there and being with her brings back the best memories of my life.

We are going on twenty-six years as friends...or is it twenty-seven? Someday, we'll be going on thirty years, then forty and hopefully even fifty. And we'll be neighbors. And I can die with a smile on my face.

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ELH said...

hey Salena, I know what you mean,,I love the whole tenn,kentuck, carolinas area, lush and beautiful,with all four seanons. I also love the mountains area,colorado,utah etc... what are your thoughts on the mountain states??

The Daily Rant said...

ELH: I'm not really in love with the west at all. In Colorado, I only like the mountains - no other part. I really don't like Utah - too much high desert look, even though they have mountains. Park City isn't so bad, but only in winter.

I really like Fall and Winter best, and to me that means full on fall foliage colors and endless winter snow. I much prefer lush and green. I prefer the Northeast (because it has four full seasons) but I also like the Southeast a lot. Not a fan of Florida at all, not in love with AL, MS, LA or much of the coastal south....too hot. I could do without ever seeing the Southwest again in my life (TX, NM, AZ), or any of the west.

I like the Northwest but only the western parts of the states (OR, WA) and I like Illinois and Wisconsin....very pretty. Boy - got a little carried away there. Did I even answer the question?? LOL

Elh said...

Oh yeah, we're in sync on that heat/humidity good for me either..the spring,fall,even some winter is just fine with me..take care..

Scott said...

I hear you.. eastern Tennessee is a beautiful part of the country. keep posting pics.