Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reigning Over Sitting 300 Days A Year

Ed and I have been watching a lot of "King Of Queens" lately and it never fails to crack us up. This episode, Driving Reign, had to do with Doug's cousin being hired at his company, IPS (a play on UPS). Doug was sulking because his cousin did Doug's regular route faster than he did, so after work, Doug went home and flopped on the bed to wallow in his misery. A commercial came on TV and the announcer said the following (see it at 13:06 in the video):

"Unemployed? Need a job quick? Well, become a truck driver. No education? No problem. No experience? No problem. If you can sit down, YOU can become a driver."

You'd think the opinion of truck drivers would have come further than that over the years, no? This episode was from 2003 - less than ten years ago - we haven't come quite far enough.

Good thing I'm an expert at sitting on my ass, because I'm pretty sure it was the number one reason I got this job.

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Gil said...

I love that show! Did you ever go to the "King of Lemon Ices" or just Ices in Corona? I remember going to Occiogrosso (sp?) bakery around 108th Street in Corona back in the 60s. I have to make it to Corona for lemon ice this Summer come hell or high water!!!