Saturday, September 22, 2012

Après-ski Is The Place For Me

I have an Amazon Prime membership, which among other perks, allows me to watch tons of movies for free - that alone makes it worth the yearly membership fee.  The most recent one I watched was called Chalet Girl; a cheesy romantic comedy set in Sankt Anton am Arlberg, a ski resort commonly referred to as St. Anton, located in the mountains of Western Austria.
Since I'm itching to go to Europe again, I now want to squeeze a trip to Austria in, since it does lie smack in the middle of some of the other countries I want to see.  I can start on the eastern side by admiring the grand palaces of Vienna, with their Baroque interiors - some of which have decor that will make me feel like a Queen - and then make my way over to the western side, to the snow covered Tyrolean Alps where I will sit and sip Viennese coffee all day while watching skilled skiers shushing down the slopes.  Or maybe I'll take my coffee on a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, to admire the beauty from the air.
I don't ski or snowboard like they do in the movie, but I would LOVE to go to a resort like this, even if the only thing I do is hang out with the après-ski crowd. They'll be exhausted and exhilarated after their many runs down the hill, and I'll be ready to chit-chat after having watched all those outdoorsy people do their thing.  That way, I'll get to enjoy the crisp air and the bright, gleaming white of the snow covering every inch of the tiny, touristy village, and I won't have to risk spending my vacation with my leg in a cast


No matter how I choose to spend my time, I get the feeling the hills are always alive in Austria - I can choose to stroll through various shops in the towns and villages that dot the country, get a massage at the many spas the ski resorts have to cater to skiers and non-skiers alike, or visit a museum to see the works of the most famous Austrian painter in the world, Gustav Klimt.

Best thing of all, I don't need to be on skis to do any of it. 

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ELH said...

Salena, if you do get over there you and ED should really give skiing a really, I'm serious, you'll have the time of your can take beginner lessons ,heck I didn't start till I was 40...been many years since,and have never been and my kids have been out west several times and to the "smokues" several about beauty...nothing more breathtaking than crusing down a mountain admiring all the natural beauty..I know you're a cold weather gal, so you'd love it..usually we ski in a vest or light ski get a real workout on the mountains...start off with some basic group lessons,its a complete riot, and then go from there..maybe we'll have to change Eds name to "Jean Claude"???? He'd be so good at it ill bet..aanyway, hope you do give it a try...

The Daily Rant said...

ELH: You really started when you were 40?? Boy, that gives me hope. I tried skiing when I was younger, but wasn't so great at it so didn't pursue it further. I was much better at water skiing than snow skiing.

But you starting out at 40 gives me a little hope. Because I'm not as physcially limber as I was when I was younger, my biggest concern is getting hurt. But I guess if I start out slow, maybe I can do some small hills.

OK, now I have a whole new adventure to look forward to!! Thanks for the encouragement. And I'm going to start calling Ed "Jean-Claude" just to get in the skiing mood!

ELH said...

Yes, it was 40, been at it now for 15 years,and as I si said, never been hurt, very sore,you bet..I ski, my kids are boarders,that looks like A lot of fun, but all that hopping around looks rough on my aging knees..the group lessons are just tons of fun, everyone is at the same level and help to encourage each other..I do hope you guys give it a try..I'm sure you'll love it...equiptment rentals are pretty reasonable and some resorts have package deals for lessons and equiptment...and if you want some truly awesome natural beauty, skiing is just one of the best values...don't forget the "Gatlinburg" area of the smokie mtns, not to steep of hills and the whole area is like a alpine village, very quaint and cozy...and you can walk everywhere...and I don't want to forget to say "happy birthday"...