Thursday, September 27, 2012

Five Fantastic Finds

I love when I come across a few good websites offering up unique items. You may have seen a couple of these sites, but several of them are new to me and I think it's my duty to keep you posted.  You know, for those time when you have hours and hours of time on your hands like me, and you want to spend it clicking on tons of things you're just itching to possess.

Peg and Awl:  I love the story behind this one - guy comes home from his tour of duty, needs a job, so he starts making furniture out of old wood laying around, and they build a business.  Making old shit into stuff they can sell for hundreds of dollars.  Why didn't I think of this?? (I SO want that bag.)

Metropolitan Museum of Art Store:  The jewelry is just beautiful.  Hard to choose.   
Sundance Catalog: They don't carry these boots or clothing in my size, but it kinda makes me want to go on a diet and bind my feet so I can fit into this stuff.

Holy Cool: This is the place to find quirky, fun, original stuff. You're sure to find something to strike your fancy.

Love Feast: Velvet pumpkins? Who doesn't need a velvet pumpkin? I think I need one.

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I want that bag too!!