Monday, February 18, 2013

The Inner Path To The Outer Banks

We're on our way to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to deliver a load of sand.  When we heard it was sand, we thought WTF, who delivers sand to a beach?  We thought maybe a storm washed away what was there and they needed to replenish it, but when we picked up the load and it was in bags (like you'd get in Home Depot) and not the commercial Super Sacks we've picked up in the past, we knew it wasn't regular sand.   
The sand we were delivering was for sand blasting - they're building a new water tower on the island and need it for that.  Awww, shucks, not bringing sand to the beach.  Oh, well.

On the way, we crossed several stretches of water and caught a sunset on the tree-lined horizon.  And I'm hoping to catch at least one glimpse of a really cool lighthouse on our trip.

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scott said...

cool pictures

Unknown said...

Yikes. Driving that road would freak me out! It's pretty, though....