Friday, February 22, 2013

Set In Stone

We picked up a load in Champlain, NY last week - so close to the Canadian border that my cell phone was roaming and I could practically see the breath of Canadians in the cold, crisp air - and on the road near the shipper was this fabulous stone house. 

I really liked the rustic look of it.  It may not be old, but it looked old.  Hand built.  The stone looks hand hewn, maybe fieldstone, that someone chopped up, stacked and shoved mud between to make a house.  The windows looked new, but the door was definitely old.  I would have loved to see the interior.
I zoomed in to get more of the stone, but had to do it quickly because Ed was yammering about someone being behind us on the road and he had to move.  There was no shoulder to pull on, so he slowed to a crawl and creeped by it so I could take the picture.  
A house like this conjures up stories.  Who lived here and how long ago was it built?  Where'd the stone come from?  How isolated were they when it was built, since it was pretty wide open now. 

It's the little pleasures I get from driving around the country, day after day, and seeing stuff like this that keeps me in love with this job. 

We'll be up in Champlain again in June, on our way to Montreal for a week with our friends, and I plan on driving by this house again.  Maybe I'll luck out and run into the owner.

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Unknown said...

It's beautiful.... Do you think someone lives there now? I love that stone.

The Daily Rant said...

BAN: I think someone does live there - when we went by, I saw a car in the driveway and stuff in a back garage/shed area that looked like the place was VERY lived in.