Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fill'er Up!

We found some really great places to eat on this truck show visit to Louisville.  One of them was Garage Bar in NuLu - the Market Street area of "New Louisville".

Housed in an old service station, this place was very cool.
Outside they have a beer garden and two light-up ping-pong tables.  The night we were there they were having what they call "Yappy Hour", where people bring their dogs to have drinks and socialize with other dog owners.  
I loved the interior of the place.  I wanted to move in.  I have this thing for living in a building that used to be something else, or an old place like thise one with cool brick walls and rustic wood floors.  
They had an extensive beverage menu - draft beers with names like Southern Tier 2x Nitro Milk Stout, Great Lakes Chillwave, and Green Flash Black IPA -  which the boys indulged in.

The menu (which changes) satisfied us also.  Three of us started the meal with Milled Tomato Soup, but Marlaina decided on the Turkey Wings.  Turkey wings are like chicken wings, except four times bigger.  Really big.  Weirdly big.  But they were delicious.  The skin was crispy and the sauce was amazing. Then we decided to order four different brick oven pizzas and share the bounty.
We had one Margherita (milled tomato, fior di latte and garden basil), one Sausage (milled tomato, fior di latte, broccoli, sausage, and calabrian chile), one Brussels Sprouts (pancetta, fior di latte, brussels sprouts, and parmigiano), and one Housemade Pepperoni (spinach, caramelized onion, pickled peppers, olives, and goat cheese).  Impossible to pick a favorite.

The restaurant also had something called The Ham Bar, featuring hams from Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.
I absolutely loved the decor.  The Ham Bar stools, the long wooden tables, the old schoolhouse chairs, the sturdy tableware.  And real garage doors, which were kept open until the evening air got cooler.
This place was unique.  The food was good, our waitress was adorably retro-quirky, and the atmosphere casual and relaxed.  We'll definitely be back.

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Gil said...

Definitely the kind of place I'd eat in if I had a chance. It reminds me of one of the service stations that I worked in back in my youth. We had great coffee and beer, but food was brought in as needed.

Unknown said...

Very cool place and I love the mention of our local (San Diego) brew!