Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Line Sums Up The Entire Show

Today was the first day of the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.  They had a few hours in the morning set aside for VIPs and then the show opened to the public from 1-6pm.  

We got in last night, secured our parking spot, and blocked off a second spot for Marlaina and MacGyver, who are on their way.  They'll be here tomorrow.  We woke up, took showers and went to get the rental car.  Then Ed needed to be fed so we went for breakfast at a local place called Wild Eggs, located in the St. Matthews area of Louisville.  Once breakfast was finished, I dropped Ed off at the expo center and I went shopping.

There was a Nordstrom Rack nearby and I decided that missing one day at the show would be fine.  Two days is plenty.  When I dropped Ed off, I gave him one job - to pick up my name badge and get me a show directory.  Usually I go through the directory on my first day, decide which vendors I want to visit, and then circle their booths on the map in a black Sharpie.  I add notes if necessary.  Yes, I'm a total dork.

This year, I was able to do all of this the night before because Ed came through - he remembered to bring the directory back to the truck!  Yay!  I was also able to bling out my name tag with a few rhinestones.  Like it?

I got through most of the book and formulated my plan.  This year I think I'm going to enter a few giveaways because who doesn't need a mini rubber floor mat, a Heavy Duty Truck Polishing Kit, and a deodorizing/air freshening bar?  I'm so there.  

I thought I'd get through the entire book without a hitch.  Then I came to the dining and entertainment section, where they give show attendees ideas on where to eat.  They broke down the suggestions by sections of town.

They included Seviche and Napa River Grill -  two wonderful restaurants we've been to in years past, and places where you won't find your average truck driver - and were also nice enough to include "dining venues that provide seating with a breath-taking view of the Downtown Louisville skyline".

I quickly skimmed through that paragraph because I'm a sucker for the lights of a city's skyline.  I love even more to dine while viewing them.  Imagine my surprise when I got to the last line of the blurb.

In case you didn't get that, it said, "Directly on the riverfront you will find one of our favorites, Hooters Restaurant."


The writers of the show directory know their audience so well, that they included five Hooters locations in the dining guide.  Five.

Which brings me to a phrase said quite often, with derision, by someone I know who's been in the trucking business for a long time...

"These are my colleagues."

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