Friday, April 11, 2014

I Lost Sleep Looking At All These Links

Near Snoqualmie Pass along Interstate-90 in Washington state
Finally finished with our cross-country run from Seattle to Newark.  Today we took the day off.  Over the past week I've come across some stuff on the internet.  Some from FlipBoard, others by using valuable sleep time to surf the web.  Here you go...

Lots of lists.  I lost quite a bit of time on this site and I'm slightly inspired to create my own category for lists. 

City lights.  Lots of them.  

Muscadine grapes.  I did a post about them a couple of years ago, calling in to one of my favorite radio shows for some ideas on what to do with them.  These people made juice.  Why didn't I think of that??

Cookie dough bites?  With coconut??  Wow.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't do 500 miles, but I love the Hudson Valley.  I bet I can do it in 25-mile chunks.

Vermont and Heroin?  I never knew.  I did hear from a Vermonter that this isn't new news to them, it's just recently become quite public.  Whatever.  I will still always think of Vermont as the place to get maple syrup, Ben & Jerry's, and Cabot Cheese.  Not Smack.

This article was sent by a friend, and Blow is absolutely spot on.  We SHOULD be in a rage.  Start ragin' people.  Start ragin'.

This came a little late but now I think I somewhat understand how this shit works.

This is interesting.  Totally eliminates the whole pesky buckling part.

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