Monday, April 28, 2014

Flying Through The Links

Photo by Mike Kelley
Check out some of the links I came across this week:

New York in 17 syllables

Books, books, and more books.  Who doesn't love that idea?

Probably not the best places to be if you're afraid of heights.

Classic literature dishes brought to life.  Which would you eat?

I'd love to buy items in packages like these.

This might explain one of the many reasons I dislike going out west.  There's nothing (and no one) there.

Hanging out with your sisters and catching up on the last 100 years.

I may not do #1 but I'm really great at #2 and a few others on the list.

What a fantastic idea and what an unusually beautiful result.

We were in Arkansas when the tornadoes ripped through.  Thankfully our location, which was supposed to be hit with wind, hail 2" in diameter, and lots of rain, wound up being 100 miles south of the tornado's path.

Remember VCR tapes, 3.5" floppies, Zip disks which could hold oh-so-much more, and 8-Tracks?  I do.  

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