Monday, April 21, 2014

Sitting In The Sun Of The Southwest

On this last trip we drove through White Sands in New Mexico, a place we've been through countless times.  Here's a drive-by photo of the rest area at the top of the hill before descending into Las Cruces.
While in Las Cruces we had lunch at Nopalito's, a restaurant I found through the RoadFood website.  I listen to a podcast (The Splendid Table) that features a segment by Jane and Michael Stern, the RoadFood founders, who travel the country specifically to find places to eat.  I often check them out to see if they've done a write up on anything in the area that interests me.  We hadn't eaten Mexican in a while, so this place fit the bill.

The day after lunch we delivered our load; it took less than an hour.  After we faxed in all our paperwork to get paid, we were heading to do laundry but got sidetracked by Redbox.  We rented four movies.  Yeah, we had loads of time.

We saw "Out of The Furnace" (such a stupid time suck, and I couldn't even tell you what it was about), "12 Years A Slave" (heartwrenching tearjerker), "Philomena" (charming true story, superbly acted, with Steven Coogan doing a great job in both the writing of the screenplay and the acting of his character) and "The Book Thief" (I loved the story - apparently it veered a bit from the actual book - and the acting of beautiful Sophie Nélisse in the lead role).

Now we're waiting on another load.  As Ed would say, "That's trucking."  We run for two days, sit for three.  Run hard for three, sit for five.  I'm okay with the sitting as I have no problem finding things to do, but I do often find myself squandering valuable time.  I've even found myself doing more things on this list than I'd like to admit.

We tend to be night owls, and not just regular night owls.  We're what you'd call extreme night owls.  I don't even think we have circadian rhythms.  
The challenge we have is waking up early enough to start looking for loads, especially if we're in the Pacific time zone.  This time of year it means being up at five to catch the east coast loads that start posting at eight.  If we go to sleep at two, five in the morning comes awfully quick.  

Which reminds me - I have to get up early to make the most of my time squandering.

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