Thursday, January 15, 2015

There's A Black Hole In The Desert (With Truck Parking)

Photo by MacGyver
Marlaina and MacGyver have been at our house, visiting, since January 6th.  We're still eating, shopping, sitting around, movie watching, errand running, and doing a little bit of load searching.  

Tucson is a black hole for freight.  It's a hard area of the country to get out of.  There's copper, but it's heavy and cheap.  Cheap cheap.  And unless you're doing aircraft parts, government freight, or some crazy team load that has to be delivered yesterday, no one is paying.  And to deadhead somewhere else - we typically look at a radius of 500 miles or more - and then have the load cancel?  That's very undesirable.  So we sit and wait.  And that's what the NYC Truckers have been doing.

Then today they got a load.

Kind of.  There was a waiting period for the agent to call back with the load confirmation and the details.  Hours passed.  Nails were being bitten.  Lunch was eaten.  They were in limbo until they got a solid confirmation.  I took my mother to the doctor and stopped at my brother's house and when I got back to our place they said the information had come in.  They were really leaving.

We said our goodbyes before I headed back to my brother's to bring Ed a computer part he needed.  Then I ran to the store.  And just as I was turning the corner in housewares, I got a text from Marlaina to come back to the house and pick them up.  They wanted to go see the garage/man cave my brother built.  I checked out and went back to get them.

When I got home I learned they weren't going anywhere just yet.  Because as they were juuuussst getting ready to pull out of the driveway, the agent called and changed the pick-up date.  Luckily they had only moved about eight feet.

The load was on hold.

So we get 'em for one more night.  Or maybe even the weekend.

The black hole is nobody's friend.

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Sue J said...

We've got the same black hole, probably worse, in SW Colorado, and the same 500 mile radius search.

The Daily Rant said...

SUE J: Some places are just like that. If we didn't live here, we'd NEVER come here. And of course there are places all over the country we just don't go because of crappy freight choices. As Ed would say..."That's trucking."