Thursday, March 05, 2015

Two If By Sea

After we stopped in Ensenada, Mexico we went back to San Diego for a day and then started the second half of the cruise.  We weren't aware when we booked the 32 days, but it was two cruises put together, something they called a Collector's Voyage.  So after the 18-day round-trip to Hawaii, we dropped off about 1,000 passengers, picked up new ones, and headed down the Mexican coast.  Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta.

The excursion we chose for this port was called Two If By Sea - the tour was booked through the cruise line but carried out by Vallarta Adventures.  It would take us from Puerto Vallarta, along the shore of Bahía de Banderas (Bay of Flags), which is the seventh largest bay in the world, to secluded Majahuitas Cove for a little snorkeling, and then on to the tiny fishing village of Yelapa.  

The catamaran pulled up to the dock to let us off for our afternoon in this "tropical paradise only accessible by boat".
We were hiking to a waterfall.  Who am I?  Hiking??  In a Mexican jungle?  In the heat?  
The path went through the town, steep in some parts - we were walking to a waterfall after all - passing homes and businesses along the way.  
Here is one of them, the community store.
Some people were selling jewelry, sarongs, and pottery laid out on tables along the path.  We were being rushed to the waterfall, so there wasn't really time to stop and buy.  Not that I needed any of this stuff - I just looked, smiled, and moved on.    
We finally made it to the waterfall.  It wasn't large, but it was at the very top, where the path ended.  There were a few shacks selling food and drinks - we didn't partake - but several people got in to take pictures under the falling water.
Ed braved the very cold water so I could get this shot of him.  He wasn't under for long but he did say the water falling on him wasn't as cold as what he was standing in.  
On the way back down the hill, we took a different path, past a small school, people riding burros, a horse hanging out watching everyone file by.
The area was poor, many of the homes didn't have real doors on them and looks like shacks.  But a few of them looked like they were clearly owned by non-Mexicans, as they were a little nicer and more fixed up than the rest.  This one has a colorful metal door and tiled steps.   
From the top of the hill there was a clearing where the large beach came into view.  There were boats moored in the harbor and people lounging on the beach.  It was pretty, and secluded, and I can see why people would come here - likely because it's cheap and there's absolutely nothing to distract you from relaxing - but I don't think it's something I would be able to endure for any length of time.  Although, I did see a sign on the beach for wifi.  
The village is 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, by boat.  We were told there was a road, but it goes through the jungle and takes hours to get there from town.  The boat ride was quicker and scenic.

In this photo you'll see the water taxi and what seemed to be rental properties on the hillside.  Many of them had signs with rental company names, websites, and phone numbers.  And most of them were pretty cheap when I did a little research.

Before we left, we spent some time on the beach sipping tropical drinks.  We also ran into a guy with an iguana.  Always a treat.

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